Financial Analysis – Week 01, 2021

Jan 12, 2021

Market Overview




US politics

The most important news last week was the rigged incursion into Congress.

The scenes we watched looked like copied scenes from the colored revolutions, organized by the CIA around the world.

Representative parliamentary democracy is dead.

It was announced that IT companies significantly participated in the financing of Biden.

What will the vote of the citizens do for us, if, instead of them, IT giant companies decide?

IT giants are beginning to introduce corporate censorship and extinguish the freedom of speech, which is guaranteed by the American Constitution.

The social network has grown by 750% in a few days because it allows freedom of speech.

It is only a matter of time before it is demolished.

Is it time for Serbian IT experts to create a global Serbian social network?



The Department of Labor, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, came out with frightening data that 111.4 million Americans aged 16 and over were not employed in December 2020, nor have they been looking for work in the last four years.

It was reported that the unemployment rate was 26.5%, but my estimate that unemployment exceeded 32%.

Zombie companies, which cannot survive without printed dollars from the Fed, make up 20% of all companies.

The money supply in the United States increased by a record of 65.5% in 2020.



Ruble without significant changes against the dollar and the euro.

Officials estimate that Russian citizens and company owners keep $ 79.058 billion in their home savings as of October 1, 2020. and that amount has increased by 7 billion dollars or 9.7% since the beginning of the year.



Last Friday, the electricity network in Europe collapsed again.

There is no answer as to how Europe’s electricity supply will stabilize.

In Pakistan, the power grid broke the day before and endangered 200 million people with electricity supply.



Chinese scientists have built a quantum computer that is 100 billion times faster than the fastest supercomputer today.

This is a great danger for cryptocurrencies because it indicates the possibility of cyberattacks.

The IMF forecasts the growth of China’s economy in 2021 by 7.9%.



Over 800,000 zombie companies are addicted and kept alive because of the money the state injects into them.

The highest tax rate in Germany of 42% on the gross income of 57,052 euros.



Speculators knocked down gold for $ 100 in one day, from $ 1,948 to $ 1,848, which is just proof of what manipulations are being carried out on the stock exchanges to inflate the bubble of shares of companies, which are favorites of the Fed.

Precious metals currently make up only 0.5% of total global financial assets.

This means that people still believe in paper money, no value securities, and cryptocurrency.

Most people bury their heads in the sand and do not want to face the real facts about the collapse of neoliberal capitalism.

The manipulation is amazing.

Some speculators predict that gold could fall to $ 1,670.

It is ideal for them to buy a large amount of gold, before a large monetary collapse.

Based on four decades of experience from the market, I advise buying precious metals now, when it is not in the interest of the majority to buy, because when there is a financial collapse, then there will be no supply of goods to satisfy excessive demand.



Let’s look at how investment returns have moved in 2020:

Bitcoin rose      300.0%

Gold                    24.5%

Silver                   47.0%

Diamond            11.7%

Whiskey             12.9%

Mines                  27.0%


Government bonds

Over $ 18,000 billion of government bonds have been injected into the financial system, while 30% of government bonds have negative interest rates.



The inflating of the shares continued, and the shares reached $ 886 at one point.

That is the market capitalization of the company over 750 billion dollars and it is higher than all the values ​​of all car companies in the world.

At the same time, TESLA has sales revenues of $ 28 billion, while all other companies together have $ 1,300 billion.



Growth continues, which, at one point, reached about $ 42,000, but the value dropped to $ 34,000.

Why is Bitcoin growing?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Central banks continue to print the dollar and the euro without cover;
  • Interest rates are low and negative;
  • The monetary system is overblown;
  • Companies have started investing in cryptocurrencies to protect inflation;
  • Casino greed dominates investors.

Speculators forecast for this year that Bitcoin will exceed $ 100,000 and will continue to grow.



Oil continued to rise and returned to a pre-pandemic price of $ 55.17 a barrel.

The price is rising because OPEC and Russia have agreed not to increase production and for Arab oil companies to reduce production.

Oil is expected to continue rising in February.


Stock market

The Dow Jones record over 31,017.

DAX is rising 13,994.

The S&P 500 rose to over 3,801.



Strengthened this week against the euro at 1.2163.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview