Let's Create Together

Balkan Business Center is a global network created with an intention to unite businesses to jointly venture into third markets and find partners for their projects.


About Us

Balkan Business Center is a business association created with an intention to globally connect business entities in order to mutually act on a global market. It consists of over 6,000 entrepreneurs, divided into 32 branches of industries, with a presence in more than 250 offices globally.

The Association is ready to provide qualitative entry into new markets, finding strategic partners, joint ventures, project financing as well as supervising the company developments in today’s challenging markets.


Expand Your Business

  • Huge variety of products and services
  • Distribution channels within our network
  • Carefully designed marketing plans
  • Business consulting and advisory

New Business Opportunities

  • Large selection of profitable projects
  • Engagement in various industries
  • Vast number of financing options
  • Financial planning and advisory

Technology and Innovation

  • Patent and intellectual property services
  • Innovation in numerous industries
  • Emerging technologies application
  • Turning ideas into lucrative projects

Become a part of our global network


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