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Market Overview     The World   Global GDP and inflation in the period 2018-2022.     Despite promises, the future of fully autonomous vehicles still seems like a distant fantasy.   But tech giants, carmakers, and beginners from the U.S. and China, including Ford, GM, Baidu, Tesla, and Alphabet, have invested billions of dollars […]

Market Overview     The World   If we look for the causes of the war in Ukraine, this table speaks best about the expansion of NATO to the East, although, on April 5, 1991, it was signed with Russia that NATO will not expand to the East.     Wheat is becoming a strategic […]

Market Overview   The World   The global monetary system is undergoing an epochal reversal.   February 27, 2022, will enter economic history as a great turning point, a turning point that creates an epoch. On February 27, the member states of the European Union declared Russia’s foreign exchange reserves unusable. This procedure is harmonized […]

Market Overview   The World   Gold reserves and the relationship to GDP.     The country has food for 90 days, which is an introduction to the great food shortages, rising prices and famine in many underdeveloped countries. The World Bank lowered its global economic growth forecast to -3.2%. Global bonds are on the […]

Market Overview     The World   Prepare for the economic collapse. The current financial and economic crisis was not caused by Covid or the current events in Ukraine. The current crisis began in August 2019 with problems in the banking system/repo market and was then exacerbated by Covid in early 2020. The origins of […]

Market Overview     The World   Rising commodity prices April 2020 – February 2022:     Prices continue to rise.     Global grain trade:     Every recession is preceded by a jump in energy prices.     Industrial metal prices are rising.     USA   The United States has 100 nuclear […]

Market Overview     The World   Russia’s intervention in Ukraine will completely change the geopolitical and economic picture of the world. The political domination of the West is coming to an end and the economic picture of the world is fundamentally changing. Economic sanctions against Russia will lead to greater and closer cooperation between […]

Market Overview     The World   Are we going to war? All the information looks very bad. If NATO is arrogant and aggressive, if Ukraine is deliberately pushed into war with the Russians, in order to expand to the East, while the Slavic peoples are dying, then the Russians have no choice but to […]

Market Overview     The World   Official data on world unemployment January 2022:   GDP growth forecasts for 2022:     Rising food prices:       USA   Trends in 2021:     The foreign trade deficit hit a record $ 100.9 billion in December. Deficit development 2001-2021:     301,000 jobs has […]

Market Overview     The World   Will there be a NATO war with Russia and China? For the Pentagon hawks, the rhetoric is getting sharper. They have prepared 8,500 soldiers to support Ukraine, asking other NATO members to prepare for military assistance to Ukraine. They are pulling back their officials from Ukraine and spreading […]

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Market Overview