Financial Analysis – Week 05, 2021

Feb 09, 2021

Market Overview





The dissatisfaction of US citizens is growing.

Gallup survey – January 2020 – 53% satisfied citizens, January 2021 – 39% satisfied citizens.

The money supply M1 almost doubled in 2021.

Sales in 88% of small businesses did not return to pre-epidemic levels.

Biden demands that Congress urgently decide on the payment of 1,900 billion dollars to help the families of the unemployed in the pandemic.

Assistance is being prepared for families with an annual income of up to $ 75,000.

For children under 6, the annual payment is $ 3,600, and for children from 7 to 17, the annual payment is $ 3,000.

Where does that money come from – the Fed.

The United States is committing national financial suicide.



Great dissatisfaction of citizens with the economic situation in the country.

Due to the March parliamentary elections, the government is investing 500 billion rubles in social assistance to the people.

Russian salaries fell to the level of 2010.

Putin’s rating fell to a record low – 46%.


Precious metals



The price of gold is $ 1830.

Speculators are persistently knocking down gold with false ETFs, papers with a gold background, influencing the fall in gold prices.

Physical gold is unchanged and is not sold on the market.

As new counterfeit money from the Fed is injected, gold is expected at $ 2,300 to $ 2,500.

Sales of gold coins increased in 2020 by – 258%.



High demand for silver raised the price to $ 30.35.

Silver is expected to rise further to $ 40 to $ 50.

The real value of silver is over $ 100.



The inflating of the stock market continues.

DJ – 30,776.

DAX – a record 14,070.

S&P 500 – 3,915.

It is estimated that the stocks will fall by 97% in relation to gold by 2025.

The collapse of the Stock Exchange began in September 2019. The stock market was saved by a pandemic.



Oil continues to rise to $ 59.9 a barrel.


African Union (AU)

Nigeria wants African countries to unite more and cooperate economically within the AU. At the meeting, 55 countries agreed to make a new review of relations in the AU.


United Kingdom

Exports to the EU fell by 68% in January.



Europe Central Bank is investing 750 billion euros to support the European economy’s recovery.



The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China against the monopolies of technology companies Alibaba and Tencent, conditions and blackmail retailers that they must work through their applications and platforms.

China’s foreign exchange reserves – 3.211 billion dollars.

Demand for gold is growing due to the upcoming holidays.



Recovery at 1.2055.

The dollar is strengthening due to higher liquidity.


Russian ruble

Strengthening Russian ruble: EUR – 89.8545, USD – 74.6577.



Tesla and Elon Musk have invested $ 1.5 billion in speculating on bitcoin growth.

Bitcoin jumped 12% to – $ 46,481.


The collapse

A new philosophy of life.

People flee from cities to villages and live on small estates, RVs, or vans, expecting the complete collapse of civilization.

They run away from the corporate system, they don’t have mortgages, bank accounts, bosses, and nervousness at work.

They produce their own food.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview