Financial Analysis – Week 07, 2021

Feb 23, 2021

Market Overview





A sudden cold hit parts of America. Texas remained in collapse. In cold weather, half of the wind turbines froze. The rest of the system could not withstand so much demand. Officials confirmed that a few minutes separated Texas from the catastrophic breakdown.

There are 797 water supply systems in very bad condition throughout the United States.

And the entire infrastructure is ruined because it has not been maintained for decades.

There is increased sales of vans by 38% in 2020, due to an increasing number of people, having no choice, but to move to live in a van, because they do not have a better choice.

House prices rose 14% in a year.

A third of the 30 million small and medium enterprises in the United States will not be able to survive the lockdown.



Robert Steven Kaplan (FED): “The United States can borrow as long as the dollar is the world’s reserve currency.”



China offers the United States an opportunity to relaunch relations.

Beijing called on the American government to give up punitive tariffs and give up the suppression of the Chinese technology sector.

Beijing intends to liberalize the possibility of capital outflows from China and investments in other markets.

Rising real yields – yields rose 20 basis points last week, the biggest increase since the U.S. blockade in March.

The central bank continues with incentives.



Invasion of locusts in Africa, on 1.3 million hectares, endangered 39 million people in Ethiopia, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Kenya.



DAX – 30 companies laid off 120,000 people in a year.

The pandemic is accelerating the digitalization of the German economy.

One-third of business owners said they had to go bankrupt.

Lufthansa laid off 29,000 employees last year and plans to lay off another 10,000 employees this year.

German car companies have laid off 19,000 employees.

German industrial groups have laid off 12,000 employees.



High stock indexes were maintained.

DJ – 31,521

DAX – 13,950

S&P – 3,876



After deliberately lowering the price of gold to 1,770 dollars, the price was raised to 1,808 dollars.

Paper gold certificates are sold, and the speculative price of gold is lowered, while physical gold is not sold.

The one who has gold should remain calm.

Who does not have gold, should buy it now, while it is the cheapest.



Similar to gold, the price of silver fell, but the price returned to $ 28.23.

Buy silver because it will have a big jump.



It fell 2.2% but remained at $ 64.23 / barrel.



Unchanged exchange rate against Euro – 1.2152.


Russian Ruble


Euro – 89.8015

Dollar – 73.9906



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview