Financial Analysis – Week 12, 2021

Mar 31, 2021

Market Overview





$ 1.9 trillion in aid packages have been put into the system.

$ 3,000 billion is being prepared for education and $ 6,000 billion for infrastructure.

Real inflation – 9%, the government shows at 1.4%.

The consumer confidence index jumped from 90.4 to 109.7.

House prices in March rose by 1.1% compared to February, compared to last year by 11.2%.

Texas has pulled all COVID restrictions, including the obligation to wear a mask. Another twelve US states have done the same.



The money supply of M3 increased to 14.600 billion euros in February.

An increase of 13.3% compared to last year.

The mood index rose from 93.4 to 101.2.

The real economy of the EU is weak because the countries are under lockdown and the losses are increasing.

Adjusted growth rate this year – 3%.

The euro is expected to fall this year.



Nuclear energy currently accounts for 6% of Japan’s energy potential, before Fukushima they had 30%. After the Fukushima disaster, they shut down 50 nuclear reactors.



It is planned to increase the production of nuclear energy by 2045 from 20% to 25%, which requires the completion of another 24 nuclear power plants.



The National Congress of Communists on Friday decided to increase the number of nuclear power plants by 20.

China already has 50 nuclear reactors.





Germany’s official debt has risen to 2,200 billion euros and continues to grow. Debt per capita 27,000 euros.

The dissatisfaction of businessmen and citizens with economic policy is huge.



The indexes are growing, due to the inflow of fresh dollars on the stock exchange.

New record highs:

DJ – 33,067

DAX – 15,019

S&P 500 – 3,956


History of DJ – 1950 – 100, 1985 – 1,000 in 2021 – 33,000

Has the US economy grown so much? It hasn’t.

Archegos Capital Management fund went bankrupt and threatened Credit Suisse and Japanese investment funds.



Speculators lowered the price of gold, trading in gold securities, to 1,682 dollars per ounce.

The worst-case scenario would be the price drop to $ 1,650.

Stay calm, who has investment gold, because there will be a big jump in the gold price this year.

It is an ideal time to buy gold because the price is underestimated.

In August, the price was $ 2,070, and gold will break that price this year.





Further decline in silver prices to $ 24.09 / ounce.





Mild oil growth. Price – $ 64.44 per barrel.

This week, on Thursday, Saudi Arabia and Russia will meet and agree on production.

Demand is growing due to economic growth in China and a slight recovery in demand in the United States.



The dollar remained unchanged at 1.1733 for the euro.

The Fed injected 1,900 billion and strengthened the dollar.


Russian ruble

The ruble strengthened against the dollar – 75.9435.

Strengthened against the euro – 88.8995.



Slight further growth to $ 57,900.

Daily transfer number over 306,000.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview