Financial Analysis – Week 18, 2021

May 13, 2021

Market Overview





In the 100 days of his term, Biden injected 6,000 billion dollars or 60 billion dollars a day into the diseased financial system.

This is a confirmation of my prediction that Biden is a Wall Street player and that he was brought in to insert fresh counterfeit dollars into the system.

The official debt of the USA reached 30,000 billion dollars, and the forecast is that it will increase to 50,000 billion dollars in Biden’s mandate.



We can see from the table that the debt increased 32 times, while the tax income increased 6 times.

Who will blow the inflated US debt bubble?



The dollar has lost 84% of its value since the beginning of the 2000s.

The report on job creation in March shows a recovery as 8.123 million jobs were created.

There has never been a greater demand for labor.



Official unemployment rate 6.1%.





Roskachestvo and FMBA tested 14 brands of masks that are on the Russian market.

According to the test results, the highest quality MD STM mask with a virus permeability of 56.2% showed the highest degree of virus protection.



Debts are growing towards GDP.

In Belgium, next year’s GDP debt should be 155.5%, in France 116.4% in Cyprus 106.6%, and in Portugal 122.3%, twice as much as the Maastricht criteria claim. Italy, with a debt burden of 156.6%, and Greece, whose figure will reach 208.8% this year, are already operating in a parallel fiscal world.

The growth of new debts in 2022 makes Maastricht meaningless.



There is a huge distrust in vaccines in Hong Kong. Out of 7.5 million inhabitants, 1.1 million citizens received the first vaccine, while 720,000 received the second.

A new census in China shows that the birth rate is declining, and experts are worried that China will have a smaller workforce, which is a big problem in Japan today.



The federal government expects economic growth of 3.5% this year.



In March 2021, industrial production fell by 0.1%.



Stock indexes unchanged:

DJ – 34,443

DAX – 15,267

S&P 500 – 4,184




This week, gold had a big recovery and reached $ 1843 per ounce to currently fall to $ 1820.

Gold is still undervalued and there are great prospects for its growth.

Buy physical gold, don’t buy ETF gold papers, because they are just papers.



Growth curve of gold and bitcoin diagrams.



Slight growth to $ 26.98 per ounce.

The problem was discovered in London, where it was falsely shown that there is a surplus of 3,301 tons in the vaults and that this was an increase of 11% in March 2021. The LBMA issued a statement that it was a wrong data transfer, stock exchange traders believe that it is deliberate speculation.



The price of copper surged to a record high of $ 10,500 per ton.




Slight growth to $ 69.29 a barrel.



By printing dollars and euros without cover by the Central Banks, it leads to an increase in the prices of raw materials.





The dollar is rising slightly to 1.2090 per euro.


Russian ruble

Unchanged against the dollar – 74.5955.

Unchanged against the euro – 90.1255.



Falling to $ 50,274 or down 11.82%.

Small and inexperienced investors lost $ 10.2 billion in the fall.

Accordingly, the money flows from small to rich and big players.

TESLA will no longer accept bitcoins for the sale of its electric cars. Elon Mask speculated on what he wanted by buying bitcoin, doubled the company’s value, and earned $ 101 million.

Bitcoin has risen 100% since the beginning of the year.




Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview