Financial Analysis – Week 26, 2021

Jul 10, 2021

Market Overview





The U.S. consumer loans rose a record $ 35.28 billion.

Helicopter money is thrown and thus a consumer paradise is created. The only question is how long this scam will last.

9.1 million new jobs have been created, but the demand is huge because many would not work due to the social assistance from the state.

The mysterious death of many birds on the East Coast, the birds first go blind and then die, which worried environmentalists.

There are great heats, great droughts, and locust infestations on the West Coast.

America is getting into a big problem with the nutrition of the population, food is becoming more expensive and there is less and less of it in stores.



Russia’s foreign exchange reserves fell by $ 2 billion to $ 590.7 billion.

Officially, inflation rose to 6.5%.

Russia’s finance ministry announced the purchase of gold in July for 4 billion dollars.



The European Central Bank has confirmed that it is losing its economic sanity.

It accepted to adjust the monetary policy to inflation, they still claim that inflation is temporary, at 2%. I estimate that inflation is several times higher and that it is currently around 10%.

The interest rate on five-year bills increased to 1.6344%.



Growth forecasts for EU countries:


Due to the Brexit, the EU is asking the UK for 47.5 billion euros.



The interest rate on ten-year bonds fell to 2.9996%.

The central bank announced a reduction in required reserves for banks to support the economy.

Since June, consumer prices have increased by 1.1%, while producer prices have risen by 8.8%.

Foreign exchange reserves fell to $ 3.214 billion.



The surplus fell to 12.6 billion euros in May, after an April surplus of 15.6 billion euros.

In April and May, industrial production unexpectedly fell 0.6%.



Production rose 1.4%.



The central bank bought 90 tons of gold in April and May.



Stock exchange indexes unchanged high:

DOWJ – 34,454

DAX – 15.526

S&P 500 – 4,325

Stock market balloon still takes place.



After falling last week, it continued to rise to $ 1,806.

Demand for gold is increasing, further growth of gold is expected.



Unchanged at $ 25.91 / ounce.

JPMorgan Chase is the largest speculator on the silver market, they have accumulated 21,000 tons of silver in reserves.

They are waiting for a big jump in silver.



Unchanged price this week $ 74.88 / barrel.



The dollar unnaturally continues to strengthen against the euro – 1.1856


Russian ruble

The ruble continues to fall slightly against the dollar – 74.2977

The ruble is also declining slightly against the euro – 88.1514



In slight growth to $ 33,175.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview