Financial Analysis – Week 28, 2021

Jul 20, 2021

Market Overview




The World

The NGO OXFAM investigated that 2,153 billionaires hold more money than 5 billion people on the planet.

In 1972, the MIT scientific team did a study, based on the development of capitalism so far, when the system would collapse and concluded that the collapse would follow in 2040.

However, due to the accelerated printing of dollars and euros without cover, capitalism reached a collapse in August 2019.

The pandemic was declared to cover up that financial collapse.


The number of rapes per 100,000 inhabitants in the world is growing:

Australia 28.60
Belgium 27.90
United States 27.30
New Zealand 25.80
Iceland 24.70
Norway 19.20
Israel 17.60
France 16.20
Finland 15.20
Mexico 13.20
Luxembourg 11.90
Ireland 10.70
Austria 10.40
Germany 9.40
Netherlands 9.20
Italy 7.60
Denmark 6.40
Poland 4.10
Portugal 4.00
Spain 3.40
Russia 3.40
Greece 1.90
Canada 1.70



Official inflation reached 5.4% in June.

Real inflation is over 13%.

The price of new cars rose 12%, while the price of used cars rose 10.5%. Car rental increased in a year – 86%.

The price of houses rose by 20%.

The budget deficit is 15% of GDP.


Before the pandemic, the American government borrowed 100 million dollars per hour, now it is borrowing 300 million dollars per hour.


Murder rates increased by 30% in 2020 and increased by an additional 24% in the first six months of 2021.

Deaths from drug overdoses increased in the single year 2019 – 72,151, in 2020 – 93,331 cases or 30%.


Research shows that almost 50% of high school students have less knowledge than the D grade.

The average American watches television for 238 minutes a day.

Registered – 917,000 sex offenders.

An increasing number of murders and shootings, from the beginning of the year until today – 327 people have been killed.


Owners of US government bonds – 7.135 billion dollars.




Since June, there have been 45 terrorist attacks on Christian churches and 17 churches have burned down under suspicious circumstances.



The agreement between Russia and Europe for gas supply, which goes through Ukraine, expires in 2024.

The United States and Germany insist that Russia must extend the agreement. Why would Russia have to continue if it is not in their interest?


Foreign exchange reserves increased in July to 590.7 billion dollars.



The combined balance sheet of the Euro system and commercial banks now stands at 47.7 trillion euros and is 409% higher than the GDP of the entire eurozone.

Foreign exchange reserves in the eurozone fell from 885.4 billion euros to 869.05 billion euros.

The ECB is working intensively on the digital euro project and intends to completely withdraw cash from payments, which would lead to a complete loss of freedom, privacy, and subjugation of citizens.



The purchasing power of the euro has been steadily declining since 1999 in relation to goods – 31%, stocks – 51%, real estate – 70%, and gold – 84%.




The interest rate on 10-year bonds fell to 2.9996%.

The central bank announced reduced required reserves to support banks’ economy.

Since June, consumer prices have increased by 1.1%, while producer prices have risen by 8.8%.

Foreign exchange reserves fell to $ 3.214 billion.



Central bank leaves unchanged interest rate -0.10%



The surplus fell to 12.6 billion euros in May, after an April surplus of 15.6 billion euros.

In April and May, industrial production unexpectedly fell 0.6%.



Production rose 1.4%.


United Kingdom

The pound was introduced in 1694 when the Central Bank of England was founded, which was a private bank, then 1 GBP = 12 ounces of silver, today it is 1 GBP = 0.05 ounces of silver.

Unemployment rose 4.8%.



Young Swiss are financially uneducated, over 41% believe in investing in the stock market.



Stock exchange indexes unchanged high:

DOWJ – 34,327

DAX – 15,289

S&P 500 – 4,299


Stock market balloon still takes place.



Gold unchanged – $ 1806 per ounce.

Brazil bought 41.8 tons of gold last week.

The ownership structure of gold in the world.



Gold was undervalued in relation to the money supply, the same was in 1970 when it was 35 dollars or in 2000 when it was 300 dollars per ounce




Unchanged – $ 25.55 / ounce.



The price dropped to – $ 73.28 / barrel.

In August, OPEC decided to increase the daily supply of oil by 2 million barrels.



The dollar continues to strengthen unnaturally – 1.1784

Falling dollar value since 1971:


Russian ruble

Ruble unchanged against the dollar – 74.2894

The ruble is also growing slightly against the euro – 87, 5241



In a slight drop to $ 31,769.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview