Financial Analysis – Week 45, 2021

Nov 20, 2021

Market Overview




The World

Central banks continue to buy gold. In the third quarter, they bought 69 tons.

Supply is difficult, average waiting in ports is 17 days.

Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna earn $ 34 billion or $ 1,000 per second.



Inflation is rising uncontrollably. It is officially 6.9%, but it is 15% in real terms.

Wages rose 0.4% in October, while price growth was 0.9%, which is proof that the standard of living is falling more and more from month to month.

Overview of price growth by goods and services.



The price of beef jumped 20%, pork 38%.

Fuel price in California – $ 4,687 / gallon.



Until a few weeks ago, the leaders of the Fed closed their eyes to inflation, saying that everything is under control and that prices will fall, they claimed that inflation is temporary, now they understand that inflation has spiraled out of control.

The reason for inflation is the printing of a fake dollar without cover.


Instead of the 120 billion dollars that they officially put into the sick financial system, they started to put less in this month – 105 billion dollars, but that cannot stop inflation.

The Fed is led by Republicans, out of seven on the Board of Directors, only one is a Democrat.

The current governor’s mandate expires in February, a democratic hawk is coming, which will speed up the printing of dollars without cover.


The money supply M2 growth since 2020 shows a crazy policy of printing dollars without cover.


The Fed’s balance sheet reaches $ 9,000 billion.


US Treasury

An overview of who buys US bonds.

The table is unchanged, amounts increased from $ 7.069 billion to $ 7.549 billion.


Social stratification

Unnoticed social stratification in the year of the pandemic in the USA.


The standard of US citizens will drop drastically in the coming years because they do not create new wealth, but live on a bubble of counterfeit money.

Fake money for a fake standard.



Inflation rising – 8.6%.



China’s plan is to close 3,000 coal-fired power plants by 2060.

China plans to build 150 nuclear power plants by 2035 and raise production from 50 GW to 200 GW.



Limits for cash payments are reduced from 2,000 euros to 1,000 euros.



Record high share prices.

DOWJ – 35,898

DAX – 16.235

S&P – 4,698


The collapse of the balloon of inflatable stocks is expected next year.



Gold recovers to $ 1,864 / ounce with a tendency for further growth.



Slight increase in the value of silver to $ 24.90 / ounce



Throughout the week, the price has been falling slightly to $ 80.99 / barrel.


US Dollar

The strengthening continued for the whole week at 1.1340.


Russian ruble

It continued to fall against the euro – 82.8484

It continued to fall against the dollar – 73.0470



The drop in bitcoin stabilized this week at – $ 58,989.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview