Financial Analysis – Week 46, 2020

Nov 17, 2020

Market Overview





Trump or Biden?

Strictly controlled media, under control of the big capital from Wall Street, declared Biden’s victory.

His supporters celebrate.

But the official state bodies have not declared yet.

Trump is a businessman who has learned to speculate in the market. The match is played until the last whistle of the referee.

He is confident in his sure victory.

The results from the field are increasingly in his favor, reports have arrived from Alaska to Pennsylvania.

It will be interesting in the next two weeks, until December 14, 2020, when we expect the state commission to finally announce the president.

In any case, one thing is for sure – elections were stolen and there were many dead souls who voted.

That is a great shame for American democracy.

But I think all the masks are falling off.

Representative democracy is not democracy.

I stand exclusively for direct democracy with the application of blockchain technology.

Citizens must keep state officials on a short leash.

Politicians are a thing of the past. Both congressmen and senators. These are all parasites. Representative democracies have failed go exist.


Stock indexes

The Dow Jones climbed to a record 29,650 on Monday. It is expected to exceed 30,000.

Moderna Inc. is the second American company to announce that it has a tested vaccine for COVID-19. They received $ 486 million from the US administration, but Johnson & Johnson also received $ 456 million and its vaccine is expected.

Trump has invested the total of $ 12 billion in the vaccine development.

The betting of stockbrokers on vaccines has started. I expect new companies with their vaccines in the coming weeks. The vaccine market will grow strongly. Brokers are in favor that closure of the economy continues.

Last week, investors bought shares of stumbled airline companies, which have lost more than half of their market capitalization since the spring, and their shares jumped from 5.2% to 11.4%.

Shares of Simon Property Group Inc, the largest commercial real estate company, jumped 6%.

Where is the end of inflating an already inflated balloon?

There is no end, until it bursts.

The Federal Reserve continues to inject fake dollars.

If Biden is officially declared as a president, brokers expect stock indexes to double in 12-18 months period.

The casino is spinning faster and faster.

Gambling is attracting more and more investors.

Nobody is interested in the real economy.

My advice to you is to stay on the land and still invest in the real economy.

In eight months during pandemic, 300,000 people have moved out of New York City.

The smart ones figured out what to do.


Euro zone

Employment in the third quarter rose +0.9% or from 155,890,000 to 157,346,000, but the year-on-year comparison was -2.0%.

According to Eurostat, the trade surplus rose to 24.8 billion euros in September, while the forecasts were 22 billion euros rise.

GDP is down -4.4% year-on-year.

A new closure in the EU will bring an increase in deficits and a large increase in debts.

The euro is under pressure due to the adoption of the EU budget, because Poland and Hungary oppose it and vetoed the financial framework from 2021 to 2027 in protest of Brussels’ policy.

Germany announces that it will close by May 2021.



Industrial production increased by +6.9%.

Retail increased +4.3%

Yesterday, China created the world’s largest free trade bloc with 15 Asia-Pacific countries. The RCEP agreement was signed by: China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

That is 30% of global economic production including 2.2 billion consumers.

U.S. policy has tried to block China.

China’s response is a hit back to such a wrong foreign policy of the United States.

The arrogant West still does not understand where is the future of the globe.


US dollar

US dollar remains unchanged 1.1864 – in slight decline.

Forecasts are that 2021 will bring the US dollar fall of 20%.


Russian ruble

The fall of the ruble continues.

Euro – 91.4525 rubles.

US Dollar – 77.2800.



Daily oscillations are up to 5%, which means that brokers are waiting for the official declaration of the American president.

Gold is currently at $ 1,890 and patiently awaits the unfolding of events.

Silver is still undervalued at $ 24.70.



Positive economic indicators from China pushed the price of oil to $ 44.24.

In October, crude oil refining in China reached a record of 14.1 million barrels per day.



High demand from China pushed copper to $ 7,113, an increase of 2.7%.



Growth continues and currently is at $ 16,732.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview