Financial Analysis – Week 51, 2020

Dec 22, 2020

Market Overview




US Politics

The state commission named Biden as the US president.

Wall Street is waiting for new counterfeit dollars.

Congress and the Senate adopted a $ 900 billion aid package.

Biden’s finance minister will be Janet Yellen, the Fed governor under Obama, who made the state’s largest indebtedness.

New data for November 2020 – 52 million Americans live in poverty, 42% of households earn less than before the pandemic.

Over 25% of young people aged 18 to 25 consider suicide due to COVID-19.

Over 11 million American households have accumulated unpaid rents for 70 billion dollars.

The United States has never been so divided. The nation is so divided that both sides, Democrats and Republicans, hate each other to extinction.



Wall Street spreads optimism about a quick economic recovery.

Vaccines from various companies are arriving.

After vaccination, the pandemic ends.

The Fed invests huge amounts of money into liquidity.

Stock indexes are exploding.

Brokers and speculators make money.

The balloon inflates without consequences for Wall Street.

Is this possible in 2021?

I’m not sure.

Ascending V recovery is absolutely not possible.

In addition to the profit growth of the richest people on the planet. The whole system is subordinated to them.


The data

In the abundance of official data, which is being bombarded by world state institutions and agencies, all intending to drive us crazy and not seeing the tree from the abundance of forests, it is important to remain sober and critical. Do not trust any official information. You have to cross it with hundreds of other data, which you follow every year because that is the only way you can get real data.

Remember, cross all the data and thus find out the real truth about the state of the world economy.


Pandemic profiteers

There are pandemic profiteers who significantly increased their capital in eight months, March 18 – November 24, 2020. Here are the names of the richest profiteers:

March 2020

November 2020


Jeff Bezos

$ 113 B

$ 182,4 B

61,4 %

Elon Musk

$ 24,6 B

$ 126,2 B

413,0 %

Bill Gates

$ 98,0 B

$ 119,4 B

21,8 %

Mark Zuckerberg

$ 54,7 B

$ 101,7 B

85,9 %

Warren Buffett

$ 67,5 B

$ 88,3 B

30,8 %

The total wealth of billionaires in the United States increased in eight months from $ 2,947.5 billion to $ 3,956.2 billion or 34.2%.

On the other hand, over 71 million people have asked for help for the unemployed, 50 million people do not have enough food and are starving and 22 million children are malnourished and starving.

What is the point of accumulating so much wealth if other members of the community are suffering and unable to survive in poverty?



Last week, the Fed’s assets increased by another 120 billion dollars and reached a record amount of 7.636 billion dollars. In 66 weeks, the Fed’s assets were inflated by $ 3,593 or 95%.

M2’s money supply – time savings deposits – rose 228 billion dollars last week to a record high of 19.226 billion dollars.

The Fed has decided to invest at least 120 billion dollars a month in the illiquid financial system.

Morgan Stanley estimates that the Fed will have to inject $ 300 billion a month.

The Fed is destabilizing the financial system, delaying the confrontation with the truth and creating a growing inflatable bubble.

The Fed is digging a well even deeper, convinced that it can come out of it that way.

On Friday, I found an article by an American economist entitled: “What would happen if the Fed ceased to exist?”.

The real question.

There is no answer.



After the November drop to 1,762 dollars, there was a recovery in December and today to 1,874 dollars, but there is a possibility of growth in the coming weeks to 1,905 dollars. If it reaches $ 1,905, then it is certain that rapid growth to $ 1,930 will follow. When set at a price of $ 1,930, then a growth potential of $ 1,965 would be realized.

Silver rose to $ 26.63, up 40% in a year, but that’s not the end, the growth potential of silver is huge.

Both gold and silver are undervalued in relation to the rapid growth of debts.



The dollar continues to fall to 1.2240 against the euro.

Expectations that the dollar will fall another 35% next year.

Get out of the dollar.



At one point, oil reached a trade at $ 52.1 a barrel.

It is expected that, after the agreement between Russia and the OPEC countries, a slight and constant growth of oil and oil derivatives will continue.



Bitcoin exploded at $ 23,991 at one point.

We can look for reasons in the fall of the dollar, the growing bank illiquidity, which awaits counterfeit dollars from the Fed, and speculators who bet against fiat currencies.

Bitcoin in Moscow crossed $ 24,000.



The S&P 500 reached a record 3,722 index points on Friday, while the DJ was at – 30,224.



Citizens have paid 1,500 billion euros in life insurance, which is being destroyed every hour. Citizens have no idea what is happening.

200,000 bankruptcies are expected.

At least 2,000 suicides.



The number of bankruptcies has risen to 50,000.



The ruble in a slight decline against the euro – 91.2433 and to the US dollar – 74.5513.

Sugar prices have risen since July from 23 to 53 rubles per kg in December.

The currency deficit on the Russian market threatens the ruble.

Biden’s team intends to expel Russia from the SWIFT payment.

The Duma committee approved laws to block YouTube and censor social networks.

That is a very bad decision. A special war cannot be won by censorship and blocking, but by true data, freedom of the media, and good economic policy in the country.



Coca-Cola is laying off 2,200 workers.

The graphics chip company Nvidia has a growth of shares for nine months of 170%.

Apple admitted that the iPhone 11 has problems with the screen and that the display modules of many phones are defective, so they organized a replacement.

The European Court ruled that several million German diesel engine drivers are entitled to compensation, due to the illegal use of defective exhaust gas control devices in diesel vehicles.

IBM announced 40,000 new layoffs.

Hotels in New York have announced that 80% of them will go bankrupt.



Branko Dragaš

Investment banker


Market Overview